Leadership Perceptions

It’s about realistically exploring your own vs. others’ perceptions of you as a leader – and figuring out how to transform into a more effective leader and co-leader

What this session sets out to achieve

Understand the best way forward for you and your leadership team

What to expect out of this session

  1. Addressing the group's self-perceptions as leaders
  2. Identifying ways people can improve on a individual level within the group
  3. Brainstorming each individual's ways they can improve as a group
  4. Running a pulse check of leaders' perceptions that may be inconsistent
  5. Compare the 'doing' vs. the 'being' side of leadership. Leaders get caught up on tasks but it's also about behavioural aspects
  6. Acknowledging how the leader is currently perceived by their team as a leader
  7. Identifying limiting factors as an individual and as a leader – with mindfulness of influence on others

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