Leadership Styles

It’s about understanding the different styles of leadership in your team, the admirable qualities and the traits to avoid

What this session sets out to achieve

Understand the best way forward for you and your leadership team

What to expect out of this session

  1. Begin with personal experiences with leadership – 3 different leaders that impacted you, what have been their styles?
  2. Exploring the aspects of those leadership styles that are applied in the group
  3. Identifying future aspirations of those styles
  4. Traditional 'dictatorial' vs. a leader being part of the group
  5. Identifying aspects of the group's styles of leadership that work well – and not so well for the team
  6. Identifying aspects of their leadership that needs to change
  7. Identifying past examples of leading individuals or teams and identifying areas that worked well, areas for improvement and 'regrets'
  8. Exploring a 'leader' vs. a 'mindful leader'. 'Being a leader of others' vs. 'having a leadership title'

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