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Leadership Values Alignment

It’s about getting clear on what we value as a leadership team and making sure our own values and motives are aligned with the broader team

What this session sets out to achieve

Understand the best way forward for you and your leadership team

What to expect out of this session

In the context of your leadership team

  1. What makes up the bus – aligning your values with the team. You will only jump on if they're aligned with the team
  2. Talk about individual values
  3. Talk about the group team values
  4. Ability to commit based on your value alignment
  5. Why you may or may not openly talk about it
  6. The implications of 'half-commitment' – or one foot on and one foot off the bus
  7. What is our team purpose?
  8. Everyone needs to be heard as a part of that
  9. Identifying individual personality and agendas and asking if they can be sit aside
  10. Acknowledging that we don't need to 'agree' all of the time and the strengths within people's differences

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