Leadership Expectations

It’s about understanding what I can offer as a leader, equally to what I can expect from others in the leadership team – as well as your own teams

What this session sets out to achieve

Understand the best way forward for you and your leadership team

What to expect out of this session

  1. Speaking about the leaders' expectations of each other in the leadership group
  2. Ask the group what their values are around leadership
  3. This is what you can expect 'me' vs. 'we'
  4. Let's comprise a list of what the expectations of 'any leader within this team'
  5. If there's 8 leadership expectations within the team, can it be communicated to the business
  6. Identifying if leaders are clear – or if they are not and addressing their ability to do so with intent, personality differences and commitments to the team
  7. Set a list of barometer 'check ins' with the team

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