Making Time

Improving skill and clarity can multiply the value of your time

What this session sets out to achieve

Positively ignite your people and break patterns that limit your team's potential

What to expect out of this session

  1. Identifying self and group time-wasting activities and the implications of this on the group
  2. Commitment to self vs. commitment to others and how that impacts the theme of 'making time' – overcommitting to one or the other
  3. Accepting other people's values about making time and space for themselves – respecting others' time
  4. Leading people to balance their own 'self time' vs. 'team time'
  5. Shifting a brush, to a commitment – Acknowledge, communicate, make space, be respectful of others
  6. Making most of the time that you have 'made time' for with preparation and purpose – especially meetings

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